1. Sermons

To listen to some sermons by David Young recorded at churches in Wrexham, Hookgate and Penycae, scroll down to below the list of devotional articles on the Sermons and devotional Writing page. You can then select from a range of sermons, and click on your choice.

2. Talks on YouTube or that can be booked for your venue

I have a number of illustrated PowerPoint talks I can be booked to give. Talks are usually 40 to 50 minutes in length when given in public and may be followed by a time of questions and discussion; on YouTube they are of more varied length. Some are based on my books and articles, and a glimpse at those on the My Books page will give a further idea of the theme of those talks.

The Life of John Ride

The Life of John Ride “the Apostle of Berkshire”

John Ride was a significant figure in early Primitive Methodism. As well as other ministry, he introduced the movement to North Wales from it base in Chester, took part in the remarkably vibrant expansion from Brinkworth in Wiltshire, and superintended the early mission to northern Hampshire from its base in Shefford – all this before ending his evangelistic ministry in Australia.

John Ride 1John Ride

The Primitive Methodist Mission to North Wales

Rhosymedre MCCCXL PM

Rhosymedre second (present) chapel, built 1842

This talk traces the penetration of north-east Wales by Primitive Methodist preachers from the north (Cheshire) and the south (Shropshire) from the 1820s and the spread of the movement till the 1940s. The character of the movement, its ethos and faith, also figure significantly, with reference to some of the major personalities, and a special focus on the first thirty years or so of revival, evangelism and expansion. A video of the talk may be seen here: https://youtu.be/QU6AEBxU27Y

The Primitive Methodist Mission to Northern Hampshire

between Combe and Linkenholt.jpg

between Combe and Linkenholt, a route the missionaries took into Hampshire

This talk focuses on the approximate period 1830 to 1868, briefly traces the movement of the mission from its origin at Mow Cop, via Shrewsbury and Brinkworth, and then focuses in detail on the ethos, beliefs, personalities and spread of the movement throughout the area from its initial centres in Shefford and Micheldever, including its oppositions and persecutions.

An illustrated version of the talk, which looks also at the impact on my life of my encounter with Primitive Methodism in my early Christian experience, can be seen via this You Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VdMCzXhLII&t=3s

Primitive Methodism 1932 to 2020

This talk is based on the book Primitive Methodism 1919 to 2019, but is continually updated with further information as the work develops. Here is the fairly recently built highest Primitive Methodist chapel in the world, at 10,000 feet, in Guatemala:

Alaska, Guatemala

The talk looks at the survival of Primitive Methodist after Methodist reunion in Britain in 1932, both as a stream with the new Methodist Church, and among congregations who never joined; it then turns its attention to the work in America, sent initially from the Hull and Tunstall Districts, and its spread from there to a number of countries in Central America and Spanish-, Quiché- and Ixil-speaking people. The chapel in the photograph is in Guatemala.

The Methodist Squatters of Newtown Mountain

The squatters’ hamlet which appeared on Newtown Mountain, Denbighshire, by the late 1840s was part of the tai unnos movement which spread through much of Wales: the right to build a house overnight, have smoke rising from the chimney by dawn, throw an axe as far as you could from the house, and claim the right to that dwelling and land. The hamlet continued till the early 1900s, and was missioned by the Primitive Methodists, who built a chapel there at a cost of £23 in 1861. And Welsh-speaking squatters built a Calvinistic Methodist chapel, disused by the early 1860s, known as Capel y Mynydd.

003 above Minera 23 Dec.JPG

Click here to see and listen to the talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wQ0mfzeQrk&t=44s



The doctrine of hell, judgement and eternal punishment has been believed, preached, feared, disliked, hushed up, mocked, and done away with. This YouTube video takes a serious look at that development, starting from the early Church, and looks at the mediæval church, Dissenters, Methodists, novelists, Darwin, Richard Dawkins, a bishop, two archbishops, an abbot, revival preachers, and others, down to the present day. There is special reference to Methodism.

Click here to see the video: https://youtu.be/lJ59gN4yN8I

I took the photograph below at the Necromanteio in Epirus, where people went in Classical times hoping to meet the dead. It is not, of course, intended to suggest that Hell looks in any way like this site.



VIDEO: The Life and Work of Ælfric of Cerne Abbas and Eynsham

VIDEO: The Celtic Mission to England

VIDEO: Personal Testimony: my Call to Albania

  • To watch this video talk, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtgihvUizLY&t=1s. There is a small amount of overlap with the video on My Life in early Primitive Methodism (see above, under The Primitive Methodist Mission to northern Hampshire).

VIDEO: The Birth and early Decades of the Albanian Evangelical Mission

  • Covering the approximate period 1967-2013, this video looks at the genesis of the Albanian Evangelical Mission from within a prayer movement, its early ministry for the Albanian people outside Albania until 1991 (and afterwards), and its entry into Albania in 1991 when the country opened up; its initial Evangelical church ministry by invitation of the residual Albanian Evangelical community of Korçë, and its developing ministry of church-planting, aid, literature, orphanages, and other humanitarian help. Click here for the 15-minute video: https://youtu.be/_SAC3mQzU0Q?fbclid=IwAR163FmZKosn0xfY54W3huki2Y6Tdzpf2KkeQZkm5SFpOwIFx5bQOvL1eTs

VIDEO: British Christians in Albania

  • This video, beginning in the 1820s, looks at the service of British Christians in Albania prior to the Communist period https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv2kto-_XBo&t=63s. Concerning Lt-Col. Oakley-Hill, I have assumed he was a Christian, from the help he gave to me, from some of his service for Albanians, and from his choice of bride, but we never spoke together about personal faith, and now, perhaps forty years later, I have been unable to locate anyone who knew him personally.

VIDEO: The Canon of Scripture

VIDEO: Anglo-Saxon Bible translation

* * *

These illustrated talks are about Christian work for or among  largely unreached people in difficult times and places – a characteristic shared with early Methodism and Primitive Methodism.

3. Audio Talks

J R R Tolkien: a Christian appreciation.

  • This talk (not illustrated with PowerPoint) was given to a group of ministers at a church in Strood. It looks at Tolkien’s life, character, and faith, and then focuses on the rich Christian concepts and ethos of his fiction, especially The Lord of the Rings. Click here to hear the talk: 

Tolkien flickr.com

[Photo from flickr.com]

Among the Albanians of Montenegro and Kosova

Two thousand years of spiritual battle for Albania


Book me for a talk

If you are interested in booking me to speak please get in touch via my contact page and I will get back to you with details.

Note: Talks can be adjusted in length and style according to the level of knowledge and interest of each audience.

Comments received by email or Facebook

I know you’re a “serious” kind of guy but you also have a great sense of humour and … on your About Me page I think it does come over a bit that your talks are solely academic whereas they are very informative and you have a presentation style which is a lot lighter than the website infers. – Mike Norbury, Community Church, Wrexham.

Thank you so much for the lecture today, popular demand will ensure that I invite you again. – Christian Heritage Centre, Rowley Regis.

Thank you so much, David! E shikova videon, e mrekullueshme gjithe historia duke filluar nga takimet e lutjet. U inkurajova shume! Lavdi Perendise!! – Hilki Berisha

Past Speaking Engagements

Since 2012 I have given part or all of one or more of the above talks at the following places:

Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum
Silchester Methodist Chapel
Hookgate Providence Chapel
Crewe-by-Farndon Methodist Chapel
Denbigh Wesley Historical Society (Wales branch)
Dudley, ministers’ fraternal meeting at Dudley Baptist Church
Wrexham Bradley Road Baptist Church
Wrexham Chester Street Baptist Church
Wrexham Area Civic Society
Wrexham U3A
Wrexham Community Church “History Makers” group
Wrexham, Wesley Historical Society (Wales branch)
Penycae Zion Baptist Church
Llay Bethel Baptist Chapel
Wem, Wesley Historical Society (Shropshire Branch)
Cefn Mawr Local Historical Society
Warwick, Myton Church
Brynteg (Rockwood Mission, now Brynteg Village Church)
Talwrn Green Methodist chapel
Gwersyllt, Congregational Church
Didsbury, Nazarene Training College
Rowley Regis, Christian Heritage Centre http://www.christianheritagecentre.org.uk