I am interested in discovering how, when, where and among whom the original beliefs, spirit, prayer, vision and aspirations of Primitive Methodism continued following the period covered in my book on the late Victorian years and up to the First World War (Change and Decay (2017)): my interest extends to the present day.

I would be grateful to hear from you about movements among previously Primitive congregations within the united Methodist Church that was formed in 1932; about non-denominational mission halls or other independent congregations founded by ex-Primitive Methodists, possibly by people who set them up not because they had changed their religion, but because they believed that Methodism had changed from its original bases.

I am aware of the Primitive Methodist (Continuing) churches in Yorkshire, and of the Primitive Methodist Church in the United States of America (see my article and Internet link to these respectively elsewhere in this website).

And your own personal story of how the spirit and faith of Primitive Methodism has guided your own service and life.

In Hannington (where the chapel pictured here is) there were revival scenes as late as the 1860s, as told in my book The great River. When I first saw the chapel, I wondered where had it all gone? was it all lost? I ask youto tell me, wherever you have knowledge of.

Hannington PM 1871.jpg

I’d also be interested in photographs, letters, articles, diaries – or of course scans of any of these – that exemplify and illustrate the continuance of a Primitive Methodist stream of life, outlook and belief within or outside of the post-1932 Methodist Church.

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