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“I’m listening to your sermons off your Primitive Methodist website. Thus far have heard 6 and found them most enjoyable, informative and challenging” (Tony Treasure, former missionary, Berat, Albania)



Resisting Doubt

This small book of about 100 pages was originally written for translation into Albanian, and was published in Tirana under the title Mposht Dyshimin. It explores various doubts about God and our salvation which often afflict sincere Christians. Here is the English original, newly prepared for publication on-line or on paper (or both). Click on the link for some advice on how to ward off or counter the doubts that trouble you about God, his love for you, your sin or forgiveness, your inadequate service, your eternal salvation. Click on the link to read on. And please feel free to download and keep this pdf file, and to pass it on to others, unaltered and with its source acknowledged.


Studies in Immortality: Shall we be re-united in the Beyond?

by Rev. William E. Farndale, Aldersgate Magazine, 1919

A persuasive argument from Scripture, by a former Primitive Methodist minister, President of the Methodist Conference in 1947, that those who die in the Lord will know one another after death, and will be reunited, albeit without resumption of the earthly family relationship.

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Thorin Oakenshield: some thoughts on his death

Thorin is a leading character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s story The Hobbit, who dies a heroic death in the events the story relates, and utters some deeply meaningful words at his death scene.

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Some Thoughts about the Coronavirus Epidemic 2020

As the coronavirus spreads from China across the world and kills people in Britain, many may be asking “Where is God in all this? What is God doing? And why? Can I find him?

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“Providence”: how God often leads us

I have often pondered on the ways of God in leading us through our lives, if we wish to serve him, and I am aware that people worry in case they miss their providential way (to borrow Charles Wesley’s phrase (Wesley’s Hymns 326). This short meditation is intended to help readers find peace and trust that God will always fulfil his purpose for those who sincerely desire to serve and follow him. Click here to read it:

“Providence”: how God often leads us


Over the years I have had the privilege of preaching in different parts of Britain, and in France, Switzerland, Germany, mainland Italy, Sicily, Albania, Kosova, and Greece, and have participated in evangelism in Austria (1966, 1967), Spain (1967), and Sweden (1988).  A number of the sermons I preached at Bradley Road Baptist Church, Wrexham,  Zion Baptist Church, Penycae, and Providence Chapel, Hookgate, were recorded, and can be heard either via the links the links below.

Please note that as there were a number of churches and kinds of recording equipment, the volume may not be the same on all the recordings, and you may need to turn it up or down on your speakers for the best level. Please listen with blessing; may God speak to you.

preaching at Piana 2011

Preaching in Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily


The late Norman Parker lived in Borough Green, Kent, and afterwards in nearby Seal. These are the only two sermons I know of that were recorded in the Baptist chapel in Hadlow whilst I was minister there. Norman was a good friend to my wife and to me, both before and after we were married, and was my best man on 28th July 1973. A lively and passionate preacher, his life and his preaching were full of Christ.

Norman Parker