The book traces childhood, adolescence, conversion and early Christian life in the Basingstoke Methodist Circuit; the years at Cambridge University; courtship and marriage in Kent; work as minister, at two different times, of two Baptist chapels; the formation and development of a mission to the Albanian regions of the Balkans; my embracing, in the 1970s, of Pentecostal and Calvinist beliefs (without exploring my theological development beyond the end of the book).

Your life has been much more remarkable and unusual than I imagined; it’s a very frank and open account; warts and all; but well written and easy to read. You were lucky not to have ended up in a police station in Albania, and you did not lightly skip over all your difficulties on the way. Your story is really worthy of a novel, there are so few who have chosen a path and faithfully followed it. – Dr David Collins, Gresford

I share David’s hope that the story will encourage any who, like him, have sometimes failed, sinned and gone wrong – yet have come to know God’s forgiveness, guidance and blessing over many years. – David J. Hickman, Chairman of Trustees, Albanian Evangelical Mission.