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Change and Decay: Primitive Methodism from late Victorian Years to World War 1 (2017)

After a chapter on the widespread Victorian crisis of faith and the decline of Evangelical belief among England’s churches in the nineteenth century, the book tracks changes in theology, ethos and practice among Primitive Methodists, its decline in membership, and the principal leaders who promulgated the accompanying modifications in belief.

Paperback, 318 pages. £6.50 including postage

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The great River: Primitive Methodism till 1868 (2016)

“The most comprehensive account by far of the heroic entry of Primitive Methodism into northern Hampshire … blending ‘insight and interpretation’, with ‘data’ … the remarkable geographical advance … the reasons for success … change … an overview of wider Primitive Methodist activity and belief. … this inspiring reading … does not gloss over the failings and faults of the Primitive Methodists … one of the most remarkable stories of all.”

– review by Rev Dr Stephen Hatcher, Wesley Historical Society Proceedings, February 2018

This book explores the beliefs, ethos, methods, expansion and persecutions of early Primitive Methodism. It is illustrated mainly, but not exclusively, from personalities and events in northern Hampshire, where the movement was marked by the same character as elsewhere in Britain, and where the author was born and grew up.

Paperback, 234 pages. £6.50 including postage

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The Primitive Methodist Mission to North Wales (2016)

This book explores the coming of Primitive Methodism into North Wales in the 1820s from its bases in Cheshire and Shropshire. After the early 1850s it supplies briefer glimpses into developments and progress, including the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 and the locations of the chapels which existed in the movement in the 1930s.

Paperback, 85 pages, £3.00 including postage; also on-line

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Primitive Methodism: where did it go after 1920?

By the end of Change and Decay it was apparent that the direction was set towards union with the Wesleyan and United Methodist Churches in 1932. Thereafter, most of the Primitive Methodist congregations were absorbed into the new Methodist Church of Great Britain, which, despite some outstanding leaders, became increasingly liberal in its theology and pluralist in its character. Nonetheless, the beliefs and ethos of earlier Primitive Methodism have survived in churches and in individuals down to the present day.

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Basingstoke: Church Street Methodist Circuit (2016)

This shorter book explores the coming of Wesleyan Methodism to the Basingstoke area, beginning with the visits of John Wesley and tracing the story to the first purpose-built chapel in Basingstoke and the formal establishment of the Circuit of which Basingstoke was the head. The author was sent to Sunday at George Street, and attended services at Church Street with his parents from the age of about 11. Church Street was a Wesleyan place of worship before 1932, and George Street featured on the Plan of the old Wesleyan Circuit before the delayed amalgamation of the previously Primitive and Wesleyan circuits.

Paperback, 47 pages. £3.00 including postage; also on-line

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Turned east: half a life for Albania (2011)

This book (paperback, 273 pages) could be seen as chronicling a life-long pursuit of the Primitive Methodism which fired my imagination and ambitions in country chapels and books in my teen years. Many Christian biographies have left me feeling substandard and unworthy compared with the men whose lives and triumphs are related in them, even wondering, if that is what Christian service is like, whether I am a Christian at all. So I decided to attempt an autobiography that would give hope and encouragement to readers who, like me, have disobeyed, have tried and failed, and have sinned, and yet have found a God who gives second chances (and more still). “For with the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is plenteous redemption.”

Paperback, 274 pages. £6.00 including postage

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Where next? (2008)

Here is a collection of chapters on God’s guidance, arising from sermons preached by the author, who has preached in various Methodist Circuits from 1965 till the time of setting up this website: Basingstoke, Cambridge, Hawkhurst, Sevenoaks, South Molton, Buckley and Deeside, Wrexham, Cheshire South, Llanrhaeadr.

Paperback, 107 pages. £5.00 including postage

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