The following are some recommended places to visit for anyone interested in wandering about Primitive Methodist sites of interest:

  • Walk from Bishopstone to Botley Copse, mindful of the walk and prayer of John Ride and Thomas Russell, February 1830. A round trip, i.e. walking from where you would park and back to the same spot, is about 6¼ miles. I suggest you park at the junction with the track to Starveall Farm, where the tarmac ends, but you can park sooner if you wish. The walk offers beautiful expansive views towards Hampshire and across the Berkshire countryside, as well as the opportunity to see where Ride and Russell prayed on that memorable day, and to pray there yourself for God to renew his work in Britain, and perhaps to dedicate yourself to the part God has for you in fulfilling that ministry. After Botley Copse you say good-bye to Thomas Russell, who presses on to preach in Lambourn, and you take John Ride’s path towards Ashbury until you reach the ancient Ridgeway, where you turn left and make you way back to the lane where your car is parked.

botley copse route

  • Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum of Primitive Methodism
  • Mow Cop
  • the charity bookshop at Hassall Road, Alsager, which supports the Museum at Englesea Brook and has a wide range of Methodist (including Primitive Methodist) books often at very favourable prices. I also has a huge collection of very reasonably priced Christian and secular books.